During the dawn of the 20th century, the state of Pennsylvania started to kick off by the opening of manufacturing plants across the state’s largest cities. The economy relied on the production of steel, lumber, and textiles, as well as coal mining and other related industries. The industry of the state largely depends on the population, and Pennsylvania welcomed the immigrants with open arms, providing them with jobs in different manufacturing plants to ensure that the production of goods would never come in a halt. Cheap labor grew as more non-English speakers arrived in the state, but the continuous production of goods in Pennsylvania contributed heavily to air pollution.

The air quality in the state worsened after automobiles were introduced, and more families were able to afford them. More cars on the roads mean more fuel being burned. The largest cities in Pennsylvania, particularly Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, contributed heavily to the worsening air quality. The production of more vehicles also made it possible for the state to develop a worsening natural crisis that will be too difficult to restore.

The government of Pennsylvania has introduced a lot of new laws that aims t curb the instances of air pollution within its territories, but they keep on failing. They also thought that having a national forest within the territories of the state could resolve the issue, but they were wrong, as the state’s only natural forest is not enough to reverse the effects of continuous use of petroleum and the worsening air quality in the city.

The state government looked into other possible reasons why the air quality in Pennsylvania continues to worsen. They found out that the changes could start inside factories and manufacturing plants, by introducing effect air filters that would trap all harmful gases inside the plant, preventing its escape to the atmosphere. Air filtration Pennsylvania has become a successful campaign project initiated by the state government. They encouraged the population to become more sensitive when it comes to the protection of the environment, apprehending anyone who violates the state’s law. They are also preventing the locals on burning things along the road, as it contributes to air pollution.

The state government is actively looking after those who are violating the laws that they imposed to curb the effects of air pollution and to improve the state’s air quality. However, the state government would need to wait for a long time before their expected outcome can be observed. The use of air filtration is not only applied inside factories and manufacturing plants, but it is also a practice that is being slowly adopted by vehicle owners who live in Pennsylvania. The government felt delighted with the response coming from the people, and they are hoping that the future would bring in more opportunities for the state. They believe that if the air quality in Pennsylvania would become better, it would attract a huge number of people who are willing to work and live in the state, populating its cities with a new set of talents and improving the businesses across Pennsylvania.


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