In American culture, billions of dollars are spent each year to pluck, shave, and wax away body hair. While all genders may want to remove hair, women seem to be particularly affected by the desire to remove what is seen as the unattractive and unwanted growth of body hair. Advertising and popular culture promote smooth, hairless bodies as the norm. Over a lifetime, days of any one person’s life has typically been spent on hair removal. 

Fortunately for anyone tired of the demanding maintenance and wanting more permanent results, advancements and affordability in laser hair removal treatment brookfield wi techniques have made dealing with body hair a much easier process than ever before. During this increasingly common cosmetic procedure, permanent hair removal can be accomplished on almost all parts of the body. The most commonly treated areas are the face, bikini line, back, legs, arms, and underarms. 

When deciding whether laser removal of body hair is the process for you, further research is important to fully understand the procedure. The basic steps are to have a consultation, during which time a scan of the targeted area will be conducted with pigment reader technology. Everyone’s skin is different, and this scan will determine the exact levels necessary for the laser to remove hair. Once the correct settings have been established, the laser beam will be concentrated on the area, and hair follicles will be destroyed. The process takes only minutes to perform. 

Results after treatment are not immediately evident, as it can take up to three weeks for all hair to fall out. When this happens, since the hair follicle was destroyed, no new hair will grow back. Often, further touch-up sessions are required to completely remove all hair. Laser beams best pick up darker hairs, so people with light skin and dark hair usually see the best results. 

Laser hair removal provides the obvious benefit of hairless skin without maintenance. Also, the easy process makes laser removal an attractive option, and can be accomplished at a very affordable cost. Speaking of cost, the savings in not having to purchase products like razors, creams, gels, bleaches, and waxes over the years following removal will more than pay for the laser treatment. Finally, the time that was previously spent on hair removal can be devoted to something much more fun. As well as research into the procedure itself, anyone considering laser removal should consider options with facilities and professionals. Choose those who have the credentials and experience to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

Just as with any procedure, laser hair removal does come with risks and restrictions, even though they are minimal. For six weeks before treatment and six weeks after treatment, sun exposure must be avoided, as it makes the process less effective and makes complications more likely afterwards. Following removal, skin may be red, may be swollen, and very rarely blisters may form. Other rare effects are scarring or changes in skin color. Overall, benefits outweigh risks.

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