According to statistics, around four million Australians are disabled. People who are 65 years and older have a higher chance of becoming disabled, and around 50.7% of the senior population have registered their disability with the government’s social services department. For people who are between 15 to 65 years old, the rate of disability is about 12.5%, which translates to more than 2.1 million people. Because of the huge number of disabled people in Australia, the government has opened caregiver jobs, employing both Australians and foreigners to care for the disabled. It opened a lot of opportunities for foreign caregivers, as they could earn much more in Australia compared to other countries.

Melbourne is one of the cities in Australia that offers a reliable disability care program. People who are visiting the city for disability services have looked for “disability care Melbourne” on search engines, allowing them to see facilities within the city that takes care of the disabled. For Australian citizens, they could also ask the government for help, especially if they wanted financial assistance for their disability care. One of the most common disabilities in the city is a physical disability, which is attributed to old age as well as accidents. People who have been involved in accidents apply for disability care services from the government, and they are being assisted by health facilities all over the country. Australians also have the option to choose the caregiver that will be taking care of them, thanks to apps developed to support disability care.

People who are with developmental disabilities are being taken to facilities which will allow them to learn through the assistance from caregivers. Most people who have mental disabilities tend to act differently from normal people, and they need to learn how to speak, socialize, and become independent on their own. It might seem difficult at first, but people who have mental disabilities are showing signs of development if they stayed longer inside these facilities. Many people enroll their loved ones inside these facilities, and they are satisfied with the changes regarding the behavior of someone who is mentally challenged.

Others, who have a disability with their senses, like the blind, deaf, and the mute, are also benefiting from the disability care program initiated by the Australian government. They are given financial assistance which will support them with their daily expenses, and the government is also helping them to find jobs. Australians are known for their genuine compassion toward people with disabilities, and it will not be difficult for someone to find a job that accepts people who are physically and mentally disabled. The government is also providing an incentive for businesses that will help the disabled in getting jobs that they are capable of.

The attitude of most Australians towards people with disabilities is positive, and human rights activists have been commending the government for keeping it this way. The disabled people in Australia are also protected from any discrimination, and people who are breaking down their rules are subject to extreme punishment from the state.


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