When people think of cancer treatment their initial thoughts are about chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, there are a lot of different treatment types, and you should be aware of all of them to ensure that you are receiving the right treatment. 

The type of cancer treatment available to you will depend on a number of factors. Some people with cancer will only qualify for one type of treatment. However, other people like qualify for a combination of treatments. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, there’s a lot to learn, and even more to think about. 

It is not uncommon for patients to feel overwhelmed or confused about their treatment options. This is why understanding all the options for cancer treatment Scottsdale AZ is so important. It will allow you greater control over your treatment, and make you feel more in control of yourself and your surroundings. 

Cancer Treatment Surgery

The primary approach of surgery for patients with cancer is to remove the cancerous tissue and as many cancerous cells from the body as possible. This type of treatment easily combined we as a secondary type of treatment two eradicate any cancerous cells left in the body. At times, doctors see significant benefits to using high doses of radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. There are many different types of radiation therapy and each one is used for specific types of cancer. 

Chemotherapy to Kill Cancer Cells

Chemotherapy is a well-known approach to cancer treatment. It utilizes one, or a number of medications to kill cancer cells. While it has been proven effective, chemotherapy comes with a number of side effects. While the side effects are difficult to deal with, other medications can be given to make patients more comfortable through their treatment. 


While there are a number of treatments to fight cancer and the cells that it creates, many doctors recommend immunotherapy. This is a form of therapy that is not directly focused on killing cancer cells, but rather focuses on improving your immune system so that your body can fight back against cancer. 

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a form of treatment focused on cancer on a cellular level. While some treatments focus on killing off existing cancer cells, targeted therapy weakens cancer’s ability spread by preventing cells from dividing and growing. Hormone therapy stops the growth of some of cancers types. Examples of the cancers it is used in prostate cancers, testicular cancers, and breast cancers. The reason hormone therapy is effective in these types of cancer is because they use human hormones to grow and develop at a rapid rate. 

Stem Cell Transplant

A stem cell transplant is a procedure done for patients with different types of diseases, including cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause serious damage to the stem cells that create blood cells. By providing new stem cells to the body, doctors can improve the number of healthy blood cells, improving treatment outcomes and providing more energy in everyday life. 

Treatment with Precision Medicine

With the new understanding of human genetics, doctors are able to provide treatments that are more specific and more powerful in treating individual types of cancer. They can also prevent genetic changes in cancer cells that make them more resistant to treatments. While the treatments listed here may seem limited, there are different variations of each type of treatment. These treatments can be combined in a multitude of different ways to benefit the patients on an individual basis.


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