When you’re sick, injured, or experiencing pain that you can’t manage at home, there are a few options that you have regarding treatment. Before you make a final decision as to where you should go, there are some questions that you can ask yourself as a way to determine whether an urgent care office would be the best option or if you should visit a hospital emergency room. Keep in mind that an urgent care center can make a referral to a specialist or to a local hospital if further treatment is needed. 

If you’re experiencing severe pain or have an injury that clearly needs some kind of significant treatment, then you might want to go ahead and visit an emergency room. Minor pains and injuries can often be treated at any urgent care centers tustin ca offer. You can have an X-ray done to determine if there are any broken bones or if there are any other issues that the doctor can see. Some centers have an MRI or CT machine so that you don’t have to go to another facility for this kind of diagnostic scan. If you’re having any symptoms of a heart attack, then you want to seek emergency treatment. Any shortness of breath, abnormal bleeding, or other issues that you can’t easily explain should be treated as an emergency. 

An urgent care center is a good option to consider if you know that the symptoms that you’re experiencing aren’t life-threatening. It’s an option for when your primary care doctor doesn’t have an appointment available or if you can’t wait to go to your doctor and need to seek some kind of treatment right away. Another benefit of an urgent care center is that it’s usually open in the evenings, on the weekends, and on holidays. An urgent care facility is where you might consider going if you have a mild fever or if you have mild muscle aches that could be associated with the flu. Ear pain, allergic reactions, or a sore throat are other reasons as to why you might want to consider visiting an urgent care office instead of going to an emergency room. Doctors at the urgent care office can perform tests to determine if you have the flu, strep throat, or any other illness. Once you’ve received a diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe the proper medications and treatments so that you begin to feel better.

A benefit of an urgent care office is that you usually don’t need an appointment. However, you can use the office as your primary medical doctor if you don’t have one. Although there are some times during the day and during the week that are busier than others, you can usually be seen in a short amount of time when you go to an urgent care center. Most centers will accept the insurance coverage that you have or will accept a small payment before setting up future payments that you can make if you don’t have insurance.


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