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If you have got a wine shop, then perhaps you are aware of the value of a few merchandise that can easily be branded for your business promotion. Instead of just helplessly watching your customers walking out from your store and perhaps may never return, you can rather offer them a beautiful item that will force them to think of you as they will use them again.

While you can find a huge number of items, the following are the top few most useful items for your retail shop that can help in popularizing your brand. By using them in your wine store you can increase your profits and also your brand recognition.

  1. Bags and totes

Your customer will need something to carry the liquor bottles and hence by offering them your custom wine totes that supplied by Custom Earth Promos, you can make a good impression on them. You will ensure their next visit to your store and will surely become your regular customer.

  1. Corkscrews and bottle openers

Also, your customer will need to open those wine bottles that they buy from your shop. Most of the beer and wine bottles need a little more of a struggle to open.

You can prevent their frustration by offering them branded corkscrews and also bottle openers that they will keep with them for a long time and will always remind them of you.

  1. Wine glasses

If you are selling wine then wine glasses are a must. You can include a complimentary glass with your supply and also you can sell them to your customer. For those customers, who will like to buy a good number of bottles, you can offer it as a complimentary gift.

This can help you to empty your stock soon.

  1. Cutting boards

You can also help your customers to get their fruit on for prep tequila backers by using a different cutting board. A few popular choices are a Small Wine Bottle Bamboo Cutting Board, shaped like a vino bottle, and also the Large Bamboo Cutting Board, while still providing a beautiful surface where you can engrave your logo.

  1. Growlers, decanters, and carafes

This will allow your wine to breathe and can make for great pours without any spilling a drop. You might also go for the half Liter Wine Carafe having a Ledged Rim, which can make pouring easy and will allow the pretty red shades to shine through the glass.

  1. Pint glasses

Even if you never serve brew, customers may still enjoy the water while they are on tasting tours, so offer them branded products that they may either use while they are there or bring home.

  1. Blankets

Blankets are considered a perfect addition to your tasting room, liquor store, or winery gift shop. Because lots of couples go for a boozy picnic during the weekend, where the blanket is always forgotten by them to carry.

With your beautiful selection of a few branded blankets that will practically sell themselves.


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