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There’s nothing like having additional support while you’re pregnant and when you’re in the delivery room. You might be in a situation where your partner isn’t able to be there for your pregnancy or the birth of your baby. In any of these situations, a doula is an option to consider. 

Something that you should keep in mind about doula program services Salt Lake City UT agencies or personal caregivers offer is that it doesn’t take the place of medical care. It’s still important to seek monthly care from a physician who can examine your baby and who can monitor your health during your pregnancy and during the delivery process. A doula is a support person who can offer advice and who can offer encouragement. This is a person who is there for your needs and who can be there from any time during your pregnancy up until after your baby is delivered. A doula is someone who can stay in the delivery room with you as long as it’s appropriate, needed, or allowed. This is a beneficial service if your partner is unable to be with you for one reason or another. An example would be if your partner is in the military or working out of town and is unable to be with you. 

A doula is beneficial because you can ask questions about your pregnancy and the delivery process that you might not feel comfortable asking your doctor or anyone else. You can talk about the concerns that you have and some of the odd details that you might be experiencing that you might feel embarrassed to discuss with others. A benefit of a doula is that you can create a birthing plan together. This is a plan that details what you want while you’re in the hospital or if you decide to deliver at home. It also includes some of the things that you are against having unless they are medically necessary. This is a person you should be comfortable with, which is something you should keep in mind when you begin looking for this support system. Most doulas have no professional medical background, but many have taken the proper classes so that they are certified in their position. They often consult with doctors and nurses when they don’t know an answer and have read various materials about the labor and delivery process as well as pregnancy so as to offer you the best information possible. 

Your doula will usually give you a few different ways to make contact, such as by phone or email. It’s important for you to have a few different ways to communicate with each other so that you get answers when you have questions and so that you have someone to talk to in the event of an emergency. Your doula can usually take you to doctor’s appointments and can even take you to the hospital if needed if there is no one else around. After delivery, your doula can usually help with learning about your baby or helping with things like breastfeeding.


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