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When you’re expecting a baby, you likely want to get as much assistance as you can so that you know what to expect from one month to the next and during the labor and delivery process. A doula is someone who can provide the encouragement that you need while you’re pregnant and after you deliver your baby, offering tips and suggestions while ensuring that you have everything that you need for a healthy pregnancy. A doula is beneficial if you don’t have a partner or if your partner is in another location so that you have someone there at all times, especially when it’s time to go to the hospital. 

As you begin researching any doula program services Salt Lake City UT offers, think about the reasons you need a doula and how often during your pregnancy you might need someone. The person you hire should be someone who is knowledgeable about the childbirth process as most doula services provide the training required before a doula can work independently with mothers. The doula is someone who will be there during all aspects of your pregnancy to ensure that your delivery experience is safe and to ensure that the doctor and medical staff abide by your wishes. This is one of the things that you’ll discuss with your doula in the early stages. You can sit down together to create a birth plan along with an emergency plan in the event that things don’t go as you expect during delivery. Some of the things that you can include in your plan are who you want in the delivery room, the types of relaxing features that you want, and how you want to handle your pain during delivery. 

You can choose when you need doula services during your pregnancy. You might want someone to be there in the delivery room but don’t really need anyone as often during the time leading up to delivery. Another reason as to why you might want to have a doula on hand would be after you give birth as this is a person who can answer questions about your body, breastfeeding, and what to expect during the first few months with your newborn. 

You’ll want to meet with your doula a few months after finding out you’re pregnant. You should feel comfortable enough around your doula to ask any questions that you have or to voice any concerns or fears that you have about your pregnancy. Phone contact is usually the best method of communication, but there should be other ways to get in touch with your doula as well. Try to have an emergency number in place for both parties in the event that you can’t get in touch with your doula using the first number given. Throughout your delivery, the doula can provide relaxing support so that you’re comfortable. There are various labor positions that the doula can suggest along with offering reassurance when you begin to feel overwhelmed. This is a person who ensures that you are at the forefront and that you and your baby are taken care of throughout the process.


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