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It’s an interesting fact that the skin is the biggest organ of the human body. So, having healthy skin is essential to us, which is why there is board certified dermatologist who plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy. For some hearing dermatologist makes them think about acne problems but acne is just one of numerous skin conditions that any  dermatologist services riverside ca or in other parts of the country or world address. In fact, dermatologist doesn’t just address skin problems, they also address issues with nails, hair and the mucous membranes as well. Something to keep in mind though there will be those inside beauty spas that claim to be dermatologist who tackles cosmetic type procedures such as dermabrasion and chemical peels. but for serious skin conditions such as skin cancer a dermatologist who is board certified and has a license to practice medicine. 

Some Conditions Treated by an Accredited Dermatologist 

A certified dermatologist will treat over 3’000 different conditions of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes some of which are: Acne, Skin, cancer, Shingles, Warts, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Fungal infections, Vitiligo, Hair disorders, Dermatitis, and eczema. Yet as extensive as this list may seem that is that even putting a dent in the number of conditions treated at dermatologist services. 

Type of Procedures done by a Dermatologist 

in order to treat a wide range of skin, nail, hair and mucous membrane condition dermatologist employ a number of different procedures. These include the following; Laser surgery: Taking cutting edge technology of using a procision light beam. This method has been effective in removing things such as warts, moles, tumors, birthmarks, and scars. Biopsies; Another type of surgical procedure that will analyze certain growths on the skin such as moles or skin irritations to determine the cause or to diagnose a condition such as skin cancer. Hair restoration: For those experiencing permanent hair loss for any given reason a dermatologist can do hair transplants. Another procedure they do is to remove unwanted hair from any area of the body. Psoralen combined with ultraviolet A (PUVA) This form of drug therapy is used to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and vitiligo. Codmryic Procedures: From facial injections to dermabrasion treatments, a dermatologist can perform these procedures. 

When to seek out a Dermatologist Service 

Despite all the treatments that a dermatologist performs some may still be apprehensive about seeking one out. The main reason for this is health insurance companies usually won’t cover these doctors considering them cosmetic or objective. The best course of action in the case of suspecting a condition such as skin cancer or shingles is to consult your primary care physician first. Your PCP can then refer you to the dermatologist if necessary and can prove that the reason is due to a health-related problem. please note ins some cases such as shingles or an allergic reaction such as hives your PCP could be able to treat the condition themselves without a referral being needed so again this is the best course of action first. 


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