Patients who are seeking orthodontic treatment are rarely seeking treatment for an overbite, or a deep bite. Usually, they seek treatment from orthodontists fresno ca for crowding or crooked teeth, unless they are referred by their dentist for a severe situation involving one of these conditions. Many patients are surprised to hear their orthodontist say they need to pen their bite or even level out their lower arch. However this is what many patients hear in association with the crooked or misaligned teeth, and it is usually the primary cause of their condition. Let’s explore what a deep bite really is. 

What Is A Deep Bite

deep bite is a condition where the front upper teeth overlap the bottom front teeth excessively when the mouth is closed. At times, this is called an overbite and other times it is called a closed bite. A deep bite is considered a cosmetic issue by some patients, and others do not find it to be a major problem. However, the presence of a deep bite can indicate other underlying problems that should be treated by an orthodontist. 

Causes Of A Deep Bite

The most common cause of a deep bite is the lower jaw being shorter than or further forward than the lower jaw. While this may seem like a major issue, the way teeth grow is dramatically affected by this. This condition can cause the lower teeth to continue growing until they hit the roof of the mouth behind the upper teeth. 

As the lower teeth grow, they grow under the top teeth, being squeezed and causing alignment issues. This can lead to the development of cavities because cleaning between the teeth becomes more difficult. Some patients develop teeth so tightly packed that getting floss between them can be very challenging. 

Another cause of a deep bite is missing a lower tooth. This causes the jaw to develop a condition that results the same as having a short lower jaw. The final cause of developing a deep bite is having extremely strong jaw muscles. Patients who clench or grind their teeth experience an unusual strengthening of the jaw muscles, which can deepen their bite by pulling the lower jaw backward. 

Why A Deep Bite Needs To Be Fixed

While most people seek to correct a deep bite because of cosmetic reasons, there are other reasons why a deep bite should be corrected, but what are they? A deep bite can cause teeth to over erupt, which causes premature wearing of the chewing surfaces. This can cause a significant breakdown of the tooth structure. At times, premature wear can lead to a patient needing dental restoration. 

Some cases of deep bite cause the patient to bite into the top of their mouth, or rub painful sores or ulcers on the roof of their mouth. This can make chewing painful. In order to straighten the teeth of a patient with a deep bite, this condition also needs to be treated. The reason for crowding of the teeth is the alignment of the bite and the need for the lower teeth to fit inside of the bite of the upper jaw. Because of this, the process of correcting the deep bite becomes part of the effort of straightening a patient’s teeth.

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