If you feel our society will be just fine without dentists you may be mistaken. We wouldn’t last a day without dentists, so thank your luck stars that they exist. Dentists do so much more than we realize, they provide treatment from all sorts of teeth and gum diseases, along with teaching us hygiene and prevention. Without dentists, we would be trying to pull out our own teeth and that would be disastrous! 

There’s quite a bit of information that dentists have to learn, along with a number of techniques that they have to master. Which is why they have to attend college for at 7-8 years before they allowed to practice. Prior to being admitted into dentist school, the student must take a Dental Admissions Test. This test consists of Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Natural Sciences and Perceptual Ability. The American Dental Association recommends that students take this exam one year from being admitted into a college for dentistry. After the test is taken, admission into a dentist school still isn’t a cakewalk. The college examine all factors before allowing the student to enter. Factors such as extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, GPA scores, research abilities and more. Once the student has attended and graduated from the college, it will be up to them if they choose to specialize in a particular area, if so they participate in residency training programs for the next 2-6 years. Depending on how many specialties they would like to take on. But the learning is not over yet, dentists often take continuing education classes throughout their professional lives. Keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in dentistry is important and ensures that the patient is getting the best service possible. 

Different types of methods and techniques that dentists learn in college vary. The basics of dentistry range from administering anesthetics to prescribing antibodies, to examining x-rays to filling cavities. Administering anesthetics can be more complicated than people may think. It involves being trained with different forms of anesthesia, how they are given to the patient and their effects on the human body. Also, learning about the effects of antibodies, the difference in the strengths of antibodies and how to be able to comprehend if an antibody is simply not working is also vital education for dentists and much more. 

Other abilities that dentists will need to become experts at are repairing cracked teeth, how to remove decayed teeth, how to place sealants or whitening agents on the teeth of the patient and more. These techniques do not even began to cover the knowledge of how to use the dental equipment, the drills, the forceps or the large amount of computer technology, digital scanners etc. So the 4 years of attending dentist school and then proceeding further for another 6 years for a specialty is not wasted. There’s a lot of training and education involved in being a dentist, but many will argue that the commitment is well worth it. So whether you are a dentists franklin tn or a dentist in huntsville al, you can count on many studying hours, in order to give the community the best that the world of dentistry has to offer. 

To be looked up to, after patiently and diligently enduring the intricate details of becoming a dentist, is bound to be a pleasing feeling of achievement. To know the ends and outs of dentistry and to be able to provide service to others is what this profession is all about. Being there for diagnosis, treatment and prevention, is what being a dentist is about about.


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