If you pay attention to how you look over time, you might notice that your breasts tend to sag as you get older. They might not be as firm as they were before you had children. If you’ve lost weight recently, then there might be excess skin that needs to be removed. Fortunately, surgery is a solution to consider so that you can have the firm and lifted breasts that you desire that will give you the self-confidence you want to have. 

Before you consider a breast lift la jolla ca plastic surgeons can perform, you need to think about whether it’s the kind of surgery that you really want and that will make you happy. The tissue that you already have in your breasts is shaped to give you the lift that you discuss while in the doctor’s office. Sometimes, the surgery will make your breasts appear larger, but the surgery is really performed to give you more of a lift instead of anything else. An augmentation is performed to increase the size of your breasts. Talk about the options that you have with your doctor so that you make the best decision for your appearance and for the way that you’ll feel overall. 

The consultation with the plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps that you’ll go through. Find a surgeon who is board certified and who can show you images of past surgeries that have been performed. You should also look for a doctor who has experience specifically in breast lifts and other procedures in this area of the body. Take a few pictures that you find online to give the surgeon an idea for how you want to look. However, keep your expectations realistic as the outcome might not be exactly what you originally planned. The surgeon will do everything possible to deliver the results that you want, but there’s no way to determine what your breasts will look like until the surgery begins. 

When you get to the surgical center, you’ll be asked about the surgery that you’re going to have done that day. An IV will be started so that anesthesia medications can be given. Most of the time, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia so that you don’t know what’s taking place. The technique that your surgeon uses will vary based on the exact level of sagging that you have and whether any excess tissue needs to be removed during the surgery. 

There are several types of lifts that can be performed, most that leave minimal scars. A crescent lift is minimally invasive and is usually performed when there isn’t much sagging to correct. Other options include a vertical lift and an inverted T-lift. 

You usually won’t need to stay in the hospital as this is outpatient surgery. There will usually be mild swelling and tenderness in your breasts for a few weeks. Most people resume work in about a week and begin to perform daily activities about four weeks after surgery.

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