When you have leftover hamburger rolls or other types of bread, there are a few recipes that you can make for your family so that it doesn’t go to waste. While there are several sandwich options that are quite common, you can cut the bread into pieces to use for casseroles or coat the bread so that it can be baked or even fried. Before preparing a recipe, make sure the bread that you’re using is still healthy to eat and isn’t too hard on the exterior. 

One of the things that you can make with any brioche hamburger buns is a refreshing chicken salad sandwich. There are a few options when it comes to the chicken that you use. A grilled piece is an idea if you want something that offers a bit more substance. You can top the chicken with everything from lettuce and tomatoes to sauces that you like. Another chicken option would be to chop it into small pieces and combine it with dressing and small pieces of pickles or celery to create a healthy salad. The brioche provides the sturdy base for your sandwich because it’s a little thicker than a traditional hamburger bun. 

If you make a lot of salads or if you enjoy making meatloaf and other recipes that use a binder, then consider making bread crumbs with the buns. Add a little salt and pepper as well as a coat of butter on top of the bread to make the crumbs. Aside from bread crumbs that you can put in meatloaf and other casseroles and loaf meals, you can use the crumbs that you’ve made for a coating on various types of meat. The breading gives your food just the crunch that it needs so that there are different textures instead of just the flavors and the texture that you get from the meat itself. You can season the crumbs with everything from herbs to shredded cheese. Cut the buns into thicker pieces to make croutons for salads. 

There’s nothing like a hearty meal of pasta and sauce. However, that pasta needs something to go along with it to help soak up the sauce that is left on the plate. Use the hamburger buns that you have left over to make garlic bread. You can craft your bread in any way that you want with everything from garlic salt to butter and herbs. You can also top your bread with shredded cheese. If you have flat pieces of bread, then you can put them in a dish with other ingredients to make a casserole. An option is a breakfast casserole. Whisk eggs together with a little milk, pouring the eggs over the bread. Add cubed ham or scrambled sausage on top of the eggs. Just before the casserole has finished baking, you can put more bread on top with a coating of butter and a layer of cheese. A sweet option includes cinnamon, milk, and sugar. This is similar to making French toast but is baked instead of prepared in a pan.

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