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A foot surgeon specializes in the surgery/treatment of the foot and ankle. These physicians are also known as podiatrists or a podiatric physician. Disorders of the foot, ankles and lower extremities are what these physicians’ study for many years. Their expertise encircles around these three things. It actually takes four years of preparatory education. So a future foot physician will have to look forward to being an undergraduate for four years, that’s quite a bit of determination and devotion. After those four years of studying, has been completed, the physician then has another 4 years to complete in an accredited podiatric medical school. But wait, its not over yet, it’s not over until the residency has been completed. Four to three years of hospital-based surgical residency will now need to be completed. After all of this, the physician is now a licensed podiatrist

There are many different types of foot diseases, disorders, infections that are found only on the foot, etc. We should thank our lucky stars for podiatrists. The human foot has a very important job, it support the weight of out bodies. The foot has 26 bones. These bones are separated into 3 parts. These bones are grouped into 3 parts, called tarsal bones, metatarsal bones, and phalanges. The foot itself has 3 parts. The hindfoot, the midfoot and the forefoot. A very important bone called the calcaneus is located in the tarsal bone group. This is large bone, the largest bone in the tarsal group. It is located in the heel of the foot and actually bears the weight of the body. For example, when the heel hits the ground, when you’re standing, walking, running etc., this bone called the calcaneus bears all of that, each and every time. Providing a strong, tough lever for the triceps are the muscles of the calf, this bone protrudes out of the back of the foot. 

If you’re never had to go to a foot surgeon, you’re lucky, millions of people rely on foot surgeons every day for treatment, surgeries, etc. Some foot problems are very serious and complicated, others simply need treatment in order to get the issue under control. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition, some of the risk factors associated are obesity, having tight calf muscles and a high arch. The condition comes about when the plantar fascia on the very bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. This can be painful, due to the ligament being responsible for supporting the foot’s arch. Another foot condition is called stone bruise. Stone bruises are called metatarsalgia. This condition can appear after high -impact exercise or because of poor-fitting shoes. One symptom is a numbing feeling, with occasional pain between the toes and the arch of the foot. 

If you need an experienced foot surgeon indianola ia, or a foot surgeon in Atlanta GA, all podiatrists are required to complete a near 12 year journey to become licensed. So you can rest assured, you’re in good hands when it comes to your feet, if he’s licensed. You can be also be confident that he/she has a good deal of knowledge and expertise when it comes to getting to the root of foot pain, disease, disorders etc. 

The average annual pay for a podiatric surgeon in the US starts is well over $199,000. However, it can go as high as a little under $270,000. The salaries of podiatric surgeons can differ, due to additional skills, certifications, the number of years you’ve spent in the profession etc. It’s a long hard journey to become a podiatric surgeon, but the profession is a respected occupation that is widely needed.

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