Kidney Dialysis at Home Wave of the Future

Our kidneys play a vital function in how our bodies operate. These two organs filter our waste and fluid from our bodies. The kidneys also help to regulate our blood flow and help to regulate our blood pressure. In short, they are two vital filters in the bodies overall function. So, imagine if these organs stopped functioning correctly or not at all, it can be fatal to the individual. This is where kidney dialysis comes into play. The life-saving procedure works to remove the impurities from the body, more or less providing the function that the kidneys are now unable to take on themselves. There is just one major issue with dialysis it is a procedure that has to be done up to three times a week and can last up to four hours. Although the procedure itself is relatively painless, the time it takes can be inconvenient to fit into a person’s daily life. That is where technology has come into lend a hand, because what if it weren’t necessary to have to go to a clinic or hospital to have dialysis done what if it could be done in the comfort of your own home? 

Dialysis Machines at Home 

Technology has taken medical procedures to the next level. Some of us would be amazed that now wound cleansing therapy can now be done in the home with a machine being hooked up to the area and nurses coming in periodically to check the wounds progress. Oxygen concentrators once large things that could only be used in the home are now portable enough to be taken on the go. Then, of course, there is a Home Kidney Dialysis Machine which may not be too known to the general public but isn’t as new as you may think. In fact, some individuals in the United States have been using such a machine for almost ten years now. The only difference is that unlike the ones that our in-clinic these dialysis machines are used daily at a person’s convenience. Medical studies have actually determined that the process of doing the dialysis up to six times a week in the home versus three times in a clinic has actually stem better results. Some feel that it’s a combination of doing dialysis more often and being in the comfort of their own home that has made a difference overall. 

Drawbacks Home Dialysis 

Although Home dialysis has advantages, there are some drawbacks. Perhaps the main issue is whether or not an individuals insurance company will cover the cost. The expense can be high for such a procedure to be done at home because the procedure not only requires the equipment but also in-home support from a medical professional. Then there is the cost to utilities running such a machine at home can heighten energy cost as well. Which may explain why on average home dialysis is done less frequently in the United States than in other countries such as Australia and Canada. But as technology moves forward who knows what the future will hold perhaps one day in home dialysis will be quite common in the United States as in Home oxygen care.

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