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We are so lucky that we are living in that era where we have all the technologies which make our lives so easy and comfortable. If we have a look at history we find out kings who have a lot of wealth and power. But they did not have even one single facility which we have these days. Imagine a life without all these facilities which we have these days.

So we are lucky from all those kings because they have everything but did not enjoy these facilities. But every lifestyle had its cost those kings who did not have these facilities also do not have those bad side effects on their life’s which is produced by these new technologies and products. Technology and advancement in different fields of life always provide us benefits but somehow there is some negative point as well which we neglect in the start. The same way all technologies have their positive effects on our lifestyle but some of them also have some negative points as well which are affecting our lives afterwards.

The word pollution which we are listening so frequently these days as you listen to it in the past so frequently. There are different kinds of pollution in this world which surround us and we are facing different difficulties in our life due to these. In the era of industrialization, we build the base for this dangerous world which is covered with different kind of pollutions. We build factories which produce these pollutions then we did not stop there we produce different kind of products in those factories which produce more pollution.

In the era of industrialization when people are busy in upgrade their lifestyle by working or developing factories. These factories are producing the most dangerous toxins in our environment which make the environment of this planet dangerous for the human race. Then we start developing automobiles in these factories which cause air pollution and damage our ozone layer due to which global warming increased.

Due to that, we are facing the worst weather conditions from the past few years in all parts of the world. Now the ultraviolet rays of the sun directly get in contact with the human body due to which different skin disease are developing. Then due to air pollution, we are facing the problem of breathing as well.

Air Purifier:

Now different companies are producing different products which can reduce the amount of pollution in the air. Several companies are producing air purifier which is used to reduce pollution in the air. These companies have their online outlets as well from where you can buy these products along with their spare parts.

Air purifier a product which will provide you purified air in a controlled environment. In start they have a very simple design and simple technology but as time passes they get advanced in their technology. Now the most recent technology which they introduced in the market is HEPA air purifier this is the most advanced technology in air purifiers these days.



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