Tips for Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist

Going to the dentist is not on anyone’s fun to do list, especially little ones. Why not make your child’s trip to the dentist a bit more fun by knowing how to choose the right pediatric practice and dentist? There are several things to look for in an office that caters to children that will ensure your child’s visits are more enjoyable. 

Kid Friendly Staff 

It often helps to visit the practice before hand to get a feel for the staff. Most offices welcome visits but request a phone call first so a visit can be arranged during the least busy office hours. If you have questions, ensure that you write them down beforehand, so you can ask staff or the dentist any questions you might have. If you feel at home, chances are your child will too! It is also ok to ask about experience and credentials. Most offices display this information for patients and families. 

Child Centered Office and Exam Rooms 

The perfect child’s dentist office should be inviting with kid friendly decorations, carpeting, entry ways and colors. Most offices even have kid sized furniture and inviting murals that make a child feel right at home. A great pediatric office should also have age appropriate toys, puzzles or books for children to play with while they wait for their appointment. A bonus for any child is a reward for a great office visit, whether a checkup or more major work. What kid doesn’t like a sticker, certificate or health treat? All of these little things add up to a welcoming office that allays both a parent and child’s worries. 

Comprehensive Services 

Not all pediatric dentists offer the same services, so check with your dentist of choice to see what they provide at their location. It is a bit unsettling for a child to have to go from one office to another for different procedures. Ask your pediatric dentist if they offer extensive treatments such as replacement of missing teeth, crowns or root canals. Having care all in one place makes for a calmer child and more comprehensive dental care. When looking for a great pediatric dentist Missouri City Tx, these tips will help make the search that much easier.

Proper Parent and Child Education 

A great dental office provides both parents and children with information about home dental care. This education should include: 

  • Which toothbrush, toothpaste and other dental supplies to purchase for a child.
  • Education about a child’s food and beverages and how they affect your child’s teeth.
  • Parent education on timeline for teeth eruptions.
  • Instruction on how to properly brush and floss.

While it may take some work to find the right dentist for your child, it is worth the effort. Providing a child with a positive experience at a dentist office sets them up for a long dental care. Your child’s present and future smile will thank you!


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