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Becoming ill is too expensive. Are there any low-cost healthcare options anymore? You may think no, but plenty of people are finding ways to more affordable care. It typically costs more than a thousand dollars if you go to a hospital emergency room, but healthcare professionals say if you stop by a walk in clinic Folsom CA residents will generally pay a few hundred dollars at the most. 

Many Americans are spending more than a week’s salary to be seen at their local hospital, and that often means choosing between healthcare and other pertinent expenses, like food and childcare. One of the most common strategies of people is to ignore the health problem due to the high costs, but that can lead to more dire situations. Not having health insurance forces workers to maintain a delicate balance between trying to satisfy their needs and have adequate medical care for them and their families. Experts say these clinics offer an affordable option. 

Should You Go To Urgent Care? 

Maribel Garcia works as a waitress six days a week and has no health insurance. She already has a $3,000 hospital bill that requires bi-weekly payments. When one of her daughters had a high fever she had to make a difficult choice. Simply give her ibuprofen – with a cost under $5.00 or go back to the hospital – with another bill well into the thousands. She chose the ibuprofen. 

Priorities like Garcia are common because who can afford to shell out thousands of dollars. The reality is that when sick, you have to choose a healthcare facility for treatment, and walk-in centers are growing in popularity. These centers help close a gap for those who do not have health insurance and cannot pay. And if the illness is more severe than suspected, these clinics can still refer individuals to specialists. 

These Centers Are Almost 70 Percent Cheaper 

Studies confirm that walk-in centers, also called urgent care clinics cost nearly 10 times less than the emergency room. It’s odd but most people don’t know how much a hospital is, that is unless you are uninsured. This is because, when you have to pay the entire bill, they send a statement out to you. So you usually don’t find out the price until after the care has been received, and then it’s too late to shop for a better deal. 

For example, one Tylenol in the hospital may cost you anywhere from $15 up to $25 per pill. If you knew you’d be charged that much for one Tylenol, would you take it? Does this motivate you to ask the price of everything from now on? As a consumer, you have the right to ask about the cost, but most hospitals do not want you to know their pricing structure. The cost of outpatient services do not have to become burdensome. It’s a matter of deciding where to go for healthcare services, and with a range of growing options, costs will continue to become much more affordable.


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