Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery will correct imperfections to a individual’s body. If you are considering a breast augmentation you will want to definitely do your research. There are two types of implants saline and silicone to consider and what are the risk? To answer your questions it is best to set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Questions that should be answered before making a decision. Is plastic surgery right for you? Am I the right age? What will the surgery involve? What if any are the possible risks? Will I be out of work long for follow-up care? Will this affect reading on a mammogram? 

Think about your Age and Breast Implants What to expect Is it Right for You 

Considering breast augmentation bellevue wa? You can get breast implants as early as 18 years of age. Some young women bodies and breast take longer to develop make sure to consider all of the factors and consult a physician. For women ages 40 and over considering implants looking to enhance themselves or turn back the hands of time. A breast augmentation should not interfere with your routine mammograms. Physicians say the implants are place under the muscle, which puts them in a separate space from the breast gland. 

Finding a Surgeon That’s Right for You 

Research! Research! There are so many plastic surgeons out there specializing in breast augmentation, but how do you find the one for you? As you search the web reviewing before and after pictures, reading reviews and testimonies try to decide on what is true or false testimonies. When looking for a plastic surgeon be sure to look for certification. The surgeon should also be a member of a Board to confirm the procedure that he/she practices. Social media is another resource in getting references or proof of work. Lastly word of mouth from other patients would help in making your decision. 

Will Insurance cover my Breast Augmentation? 

Insurance will not cover plastic surgery unless it’s medically necessary. Cost can be expensive and varies depending on the doctor, patient, and state its best to be prepared financially. You will be paying for anesthesia, facilities, and materials,also consider follow-up appointments and wellness care. 

Having Knowledge of Your Family Medical History 

Know your family medical history before considering surgery its crucial to your life. 
If you have a family history that consist of breast cancer, or obesity, or if you smoke you could be high risk candidate. Unhealthy living can also contribute to an increase risks and complications during and after surgery. 

Rare Cancer Linked to Implants 

Are you jeopardizing your health? It’s a fact that with any surgical procedure it can be a risk. However the FDA has warnings that a rare Cancer is associated with a particular type(texture)of breast implants Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This documents as higher in women who have textured implants, which have a bumpy surface, as opposed to the smooth implants.


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