Promising New Help For Drug Addition

The truth is that every drug ever manufactured has side effects, some much worse than others. The stronger the drug, the worse the side effect. Opioids are one drug that the media spends a lot of time reporting. While opioids do have a place in modern medicine, they do not have a spot on the streets and are illegal to buy or sell due to the dangers of overdose and nasty side effect. 

Opioids are drugs similar to morphine, saying that opioids act on the opioid receptors giving the person the morphine-like effect. Opioids are one class of drug that cannot be eliminated all at once. Opioids must be gradually titrated down, or the side effects are too significant. In a controlled setting such as a hospital, the doctor may causally prescribe an opioid for pain relief on a short-term basis. Short-term use of opioids is unlikely to cause the person to have any side effects when stopped. 

Legally Prescribed Opioids for Pain Relief 

The sad news is that doctors prescribed opioids for years for people with chronic pain and even though this drug relieves the pain it is challenging for the person to quit taking the drug. When persons take prescribed opioids for long-term find that the prescribed dose, after a while is no longer adequate for pain relief, thus the dose must be increased and considered more often or the drug changed to a stronger painkiller. 

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centers, the Only Known Addiction Treatment for Opioid Addiction 

Medical researches from hundred of drug addiction recovery facilities where people go for treatment programs dealing with opioid withdrawal note that this type of withdrawal is highly challenging, painful, and uncomfortable causing a high percentage of treatments to be unsuccessful, bringing about frequent relapses. Currently, there is just this one newly approved drug to help persons withdraw from opioids, and aside from treatment center programs people have little option. 

A New Non-Opioid Drug Treatment Plan for Addiction 

There is a new drug on the market recently that the FDA claims to bring about a non-addictive opioid withdrawal pain relief. A drug that a person can take to reduce the side effects associated with opiate withdrawal. This new drug is not only good news for the patient legally taking an opioid, but also for the person hooked on opioids bought on the street illegally and who desire to withdraw from their addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can begin just a few hours after the person took their last dose. 

Painful Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal 

Persons who have been taking a Non Addictive Opioid Withdrawal Relief for a more extended period may experience many symptoms of withdrawal. These include: body aches and pains, stomach cramps, yawning, watery eyes, muscle spasms or body twitching, heart irregularities and pounding, coldness, nausea, trouble getting to sleep or severe insomnia, and more. Researchers feel that this new drug, proven to decrease the withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction significantly is showing success in pain relief and relief from other side effects during withdrawal.

This new drug is a non-opioid treatment. It’s the first of its kind on the market helping adults going through withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction, legally or illegally taken. It truly is a promising help to addicts.


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