Do You Really Need A Primary Care Doctor?

When you get sick do you tend to go to urgent care or even an emergency room? If this is the case, chances are that you don’t have a physician for any primary care naples fl even though there are a lot of benefits to having one. Even if you are young and in relatively good shape, you never know when you are going to run into some health problems that need consistent care. If you are looking for reasons to get a primary care physician, here are just a few. 

Your Care Can Be Coordinated 

It can be difficult to get navigate the world of health care and in a way, your primary care physician can help guide you through it. There are a lot of different medications and supplements that can be taken and a lot of these can interact with each other. Your doctor can help keep you safe by making sure that all of your medicine can be taken together safely. If you need testing done for a problem or prevention, your primary care can order what you need and find you a specialist if the results indicate that you need one. If you have any questions, they will be there for you as well to make sure that you know everything you need about your condition or medications. 

They Can Help With A Variety Of Issues 

Unlike a specialist who usually only focuses on what system or part of your body, a general practitioner can help you with everything from the flu to digestive issues. While a specialist may treat serious or chronic issues like heart disease and cancer, they are usually able to help with the diagnosis of these problems so they can begin to be addressed. 

They Know You 

When you build a relationship with your doctor, they will get to know who you are instead of just what problems you are having with your body. By knowing your preferences and problems, they will be able to make your care more personalized than urgent care or clinic could. This can have some big impacts on your health as it is easier to communicate with someone that you have built trust with over the years. In some cases, they are even there to offer emotional support during rough times as well. 

Prevention And Early Discovery Of Health Issues 

Your primary care practitioner can make sure that you go through routine screenings to determine the state of your health. By discovering issues early, you can have a better outcome when it comes to treatment. Some of the screenings that your doctor can arrange for you include colonoscopies, cholesterol levels, mammograms, and blood panels. There are diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease that can show no symptoms at first and then can quickly cause serious problems. By treating these issues early, you can prevent a lot of damage and. When you detect diseases like cancer early, there is almost always a better outcome.

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