Alternative Medication treatment for ED

ED is a sexual occurrence that enables a Male to form and keep an erect penis. ED or better known as Erectile Dysfunction, It effects the physical body as well as an individuals mental state, it alters their self image and can lead to problems with sexual intercourse between couples. It has several potential causes that relate to Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Trauma, Hormone changes, and side effects from drug abuse or medications. Surgical procedures can be done to potentially fix the issue but often times medication is first administered. Erectile Dysfunction treatment meds can be taken orally, topically, or by injection into the penis. Other methods to cure ED are Penis Pumps, These pumps are designed to apply negative pressure to the penis and draw blood which helps maintain a stiff erection. Eating before taking medication for ED does not always work, it can prolong the amount of time it takes for the drug to activate. There are several medication that can be administered to treat Erectile Dysfunction, these medications can often have side effects and should only be taken once a certified Dr. examine an individual and signs off on the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction medication may all work to achieve the same goal but each medication is different and is comprised of various chemicals, some of these may be harmful to certain individuals. Medication for ED has various time slots where it takes to activate, some might only take 30 mins while others take an excess of 4 hours. It is best to consult with your Dr. before following through with any attempts at medication consumption. It is wise not to expect an erection right after taking the medication, most medications work on different time schedules, do not give up if you do not experience any results, it may take several doses before they start to work. If an individuals medications worked in the past but has started to deminish in productive activity, it is best to talk with your Dr. and he/she might consider raising the dosage in an attempt to correct the issue. Erectile Dysfunction only occurs in men and is most often associated with the older population, it is rare for ED to effect young verile men but it does happen. 

The FDA does not approve of alternative medications to treat sexual dysfunction among men, most have not been approved by the FDA nor have they been clinically tested or proved to work. Some of these alternative medication have been known to contain chemicals similar to sildenafil. This chemical has been documented to potentially cause heart problems in individuals, as well as, hearing and vision problems, Low blood pressure and erections that do not subside without medical care being sought. The medications that should be taken to achieve a healthy erection should only be administered once an individual is already partially if not fully aroused, otherwise the medication might not work or it could cause potentially harmful side effects to men.


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