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Pain management is helping patients to improve the quality of their life. Pain management teams may include medical practitioners, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and physician assistants. Other medical teams may also include massage therapists and mental health specialists. Sometimes pain is relieved with the use of drugs and a practitioner. Most individuals with chronic pain need the efforts of a coordinated pain management team. 

Pain can be many different things to people. Some people experience chronic pain and some have pains that come and go. When talking to a medical professional, the patients should be able to tell the doctor or nurse how bad the pain is, where the pain is, how does it feel, what makes the pain lesson, and when did the pain start. With this information, the health provider can address the pain and start a pain management program.

A lot of people live with chronic pain every day. About 2 percent of the adult population is affected with pain every day. Opioid medications can become extremely addictive. It can also lead to the use of street drugs like heroin. This is what has brought on the urgent need for alternatives to choric pain. 

Wearable pain relief technology is an emerging area. There are bands that can be worn around the leg to relieve pain throughout the body. Some devices emit an electric signal that will stimulate the body and help to relief pain. It may take a week or two before you can measure the decrease in your pain, but with continuous use these devices do help. 

There are many different kinds of wearables being developed so people can go about their daily routines. Wearables are helping to open up new ways of managing pain. Patients who go through a pain management shawnee ks program are being introduced to wearable pain devices with digital platforms. With wearable and digital platforms working together, they track pain levels and gather data on the person. More than one type of pain management can be administered to work with wearable pain devices.

Back Pain 

Back pain is a common problem with many people. They might have been in a car accident, taken a bad fall or in general have a week back that creates chronic pain. It can include the lower, middle or upper back. It could also be a combination of different areas. The person may feel the pain down the legs, along the trunk or in the hips as well. Arthritis, spinal problems or disc problems may be the cause of the pain. It can last for days or months. 

Some people do not get better even with bed rest and medication. Test can help find the reason for the pain. Many people need EMG’s, X-Rays or MRI’s to determine what is wrong. Physical therapy, bracing and home exercises are some of the treatments used for back pain. Physicians may also use nerve blocks, injections and in severe cases, surgery is suggested. A treatment team may order a combination of treatments to relieve the patients back pain. Some wearable devices may also be advised for the patient.

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