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Addiction leads the addict to develop a strong tendency not to listen to others, to resist any attempt to make them change, and to become angry whenever someone tells them something, even to help them. However, if you really want to get rid of your addiction, you need to relearn to listen to others and enter the addiction rehab process.

Imagine addiction as a kind of intruder in your mind that wants you to be addicted forever. This intruder does everything possible to keep you deaf to any attempt to get away from drugs or alcohol and makes you react even with anger when someone interferes. This addiction intruder has your mind totally dominated and wants you to just think about consuming drugs and not care about anything. The intruder doesn’t want you to think, doesn’t want you to ask questions or plan your life; it just wants you to drink or get drunk all the time.

When you start freaking out, thinking, being more aware of everything, the intruder no longer has so much power over you. Then you no longer reject with such force the attempts to help others, you no longer deny so strongly that your addiction is destroying you, you no longer believe that anything matters because you see that there are things and people that do care. At this stage, you start to take control.

Recovery from addiction is very much related to your willingness to be responsible for your actions, your choices, and your life in general. You must be totally responsible, and this, at times, involves making changes that your family and life partner may not like.

They may not be fully aware of how difficult it can be to quit an addiction. For example, they can tell you that you don’t need to go to any addiction rehab center because they want to have you by their side and that you can recover without help. By doing this, they push you to remain an addict. Taking responsibility for your actions also involves doing what you have to do to recover, even if it involves making changes that may not appeal to your family and partner, such as letting go of a group of people you enjoy or attend each afternoon to some addiction rehab treatment program instead of spending time with your partner.

Sometimes, the family makes it easy for you to stay addicted because it pays your debts, it helps you financially, it gets you out of trouble, etc., so you don’t experience the really negative consequences of addiction, and you don’t get to the bottom. This is something you should also think about. If there’s such a person in your life, you need to move away. An addiction rehab center may be the best option in this case.

When you’re fully aware that you’re an addict and that only you’re responsible for your actions, and you need to do what is necessary to quit your addiction, you’re already on the road to recovery with online quran memorization.

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