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If you’re searching for a strain that’s sweet, bright, and perfect for winding down after a long day, you’ll surely never go wrong with the undeniable temptation of Le Fruit Marijuana Seeds.

Also known as the Forbidden Fruit marijuana seeds, this mostly-indica cannabis strain has its tantalizing effects that charmed and lure cannabis enthusiasts. Its tempting title certainly reflects its delicious combination that lull you into ignoring high THC content of this indica-dominant marijuana seed strain – which can top out at 24%.

Marijuana used to be taboo, but it’s far from the “forbidden fruit” it once was. You’ll surely love the luscious appeal of Forbidden Fruit’s flavor profile, which is touched with the sweetness of cherries, tropical fruit, citrus, and pine.


Taken from the French language, which means Forbidden fruit, this strain was developed in the search for a strain to match the Light of the Jah with the same fruity taste and same high too – blueberry taste and a colorful appearance.

Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Seeds are with high yields despite its short size. A small plant about 35-60 cm that finishes flowering in 7-8 weeks and harvests in the start of September, yielding 450 grams per sq. m. It has a natural high that sends smokers mouth watering with THC content of 16-20%.

Bright green trichomes covered in resin characterize the look of Forbidden Fruit marijuana, a strain that has the ability to thrive both indoors and out cultivation, but prefers a controlled environment. Forbidden Fruit marijuana seeds are recommended to gardeners with at least an intermediate skill level.

Note: All cannabis varieties have the capacity to make males on 100% female. If under strong stress caused by various growing methods, feminized seeds like le fruit can have this fact too.


Forbidden Fruit is an ideal evening strain, producing a comforting high that starts in the head and works its way down, delivering tranquility to every muscle. You’ll be relaxed enough to drift into restful sleep on your own, and won’t literally knock you out. It has become popular with patients struggling with insomnia, as well as depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. If Forbidden Fruit’s flavor characteristics didn’t get you, the high certainly will. The smooth burning bud that’s High CBD Medical Seeds, offers users a break from stress, anxiety, depression or any emotional chaos etc.


Le Fruit Defendu cannabis seed is for sale at a cheap price in one of the most high-quality supplier of cannabis online – Mary Janes Garden. The marijuana strain that’s also known as the forbidden fruit, is developed for the point of improving the potency and of course the taste. Le Fruit Defendu is a pot plant that grows and matures quickly, so you’ll definitely harvest your kush in 60-70 day time.

If you’re planning to buy your own strain of this Forbidden Fruit, visit Mary Janes Garden website at www.maryjanesgarden.com or check on their social media pages, facebook twitter.

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