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Your pets mean the world to you. They are in most cases family and are treated as such. That means just like your children, you need to take them to get their annual vaccinations. After all, with the many diseases that are airborne, you want your dog or cat to remain healthy like everyone else in the house. Taking them to the veterinarian on a regular basis will prevent most diseases from happening to your pets. You do not want to be found facing a devasting loss and keeping your furry babies checked out will prevent that. You owe it to your pet to provide them with the best care possible. 

Dog Vaccinations 

There are certain diseases that only dogs can get that will kill them if they are not vaccinated on time. Vaccinations are extremely important, and you should get their first vaccine at eight weeks old. If the doctor is requiring follow up vaccines after that, then be sure to get them. Distemper and rabies are the most common diseases a dog can catch, so you want to make sure they get those shots as soon as possible. Distemper will cause your dog to foam at the mouth and lose their minds. Soon after that, they become paralyzed to where they can not walk or eat. This would happen to older dogs, and they will die as a result of this disease. Young dogs will get distemper and will survive it but not without permanent side effects. Any dog that has rabies must be euthanized immediately because there is no cure. These are diseases that will literally break your heart when you see your dogs go through them. You should always talk to your vet about any concerns you have with dog vaccinations Chandler AZ and if there are any alternatives you can go with. 

Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinating your cat can create a “what if” situation. The reason behind it is whether or not you allow your pet to go outside. If you have a house cat, then there are certain shots that are optional in some states. However, there are states that make these shots mandatory, especially when it comes to rabies and feline leukemia. These are two very devastating diseases that can kill. If your state says by law that these vaccines are required then you must get them immediately. Kittens should get their first shots within six to eight weeks. You should also consider having your cats neutered or spayed. This will cut down on them wanting to go out and explore the neighborhood and connecting with other cats that might be infected. As a pet owner, you are responsible it for maintaining the health of your cat so be sure to look for side effects tha show a sign of disease. 

Owning a dog or cat can be very rewarding but you must keep them vaccinated. Find a local veterinarian in your area for their check ups. Their lives really depend on it.


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