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How is hair transplantation done?

There are two techniques of hair transplantation procedures. The most conventional one is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT).  The immediate alternative is the non-linear scar technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE). The procedure changes the way the donor area is removed in the surgery.

In the conventional FUT technique, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head. With the help of high-resolution microscopes, it is divided into thin slices of less than 1 mm thick strip called slivers. Silvers are then separated into follicular units.

In the FUE technique, the surgeon directly removes he ready-made follicular unit with very small 0.6 millimeter diameter from the scalp. They are then taken on to the microscope just for cutting purposes. The difference between these two techniques is only in the way of obtaining the follicular units, which, once ready, will be transplanted to the receiving area through micro incisions in the scalp.

Donor area

The choice of donor area is extremely critical. It is because of the risks of chosen region getting prone to miniaturization, which triggers another balding problem. The factors taken into account are the number of follicles with three strands in the region, the distance of the hair follicles and the elasticity of these strands.

In general, the chosen region is very close to the neck and the scar formed in the FUT is hidden by the hair in the region. There is ways to make hair grow in the scar, making it even more disguised. It is normal for the scar to start thinning, and over time it becomes very red. It occurs around the third month after surgery. Over time, redness reduces, but only after a couple of years.

Surgery process

During the operation, removed hair follicles are cut into follicular units at the same time, whens surgeon sutures the region. As they are separated, they are stored in saline until their relocation. By the time the donor area is closed, about 20% of the follicular units are ready and they are beginning to be transplanted. Doctors with expertise in cosmetic surgeries are qualified to perform the surgery.


Local anesthesia, similar to the one used by dentists is given to numb the region. Mild sedation is performed to avoid discomfort at the time of monitoring anesthesia. At the end of the procedure the patient is fully awake.

Duration of the surgery

Surgery with the FUT technique lasts anywhere between 5 and 6 hours, depending on the follicular units obtained. The technique with FUE is a bit longer, taking up to 10 hours. However the Terra Medical’s surgical hair transplant service in Singapore is one of the quickest.


In about three to four months, the transplanted hair will begin to grow and it will take about a year to have the final result of the surgery. But this gradual growth of the hair helps to make the postoperative look all natural. It makes people suppose the patient is taking some medicine and not having surgery. There is no need for progressive sessions too.

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