Staying Relaxed While At The Dentist

If you’re nervous about going to the dentist because you don’t want someone being close to your mouth and your face or you have a fear of the noises and instruments that are used, there are options to consider. Talk to your dentist before your appointment so that you receive the best treatment for your needs. If you’re comfortable while in the office, then it can make it easier to go to visits in the future. 

A benefit of sedation dentistry anchorage ak offices offer is that it can be used for almost any procedure that you’re going to have done. When you’re sedated, you’re relaxed and don’t have the anxiety that you experience while being in the dental chair. It allows the dentist to get the work done in your mouth that is needed in one visit and in a short time so that you don’t have to go back to the office for numerous visits. 

Your dentist will examine your overall health and find out if you’re allergic to medications that are used for sedation. As long as you’re healthy and can tolerate the sedatives, then there should be no reason as to why you can’t be comfortable in the office so that you can take care of your oral health. There are a few health conditions that your dentist might want to have examined first before you’re sedated, such as cardiac issues or hypertension. If you take medications each day, you might be asked not to take the medication the morning of your procedure so that it doesn’t interfere with those that are used to sedate you. 

Most people think about medications being delivered via an IV when they picture being sedated. While this is an option if you need a higher dose, there are other options that the dentist can try as well. Laughing gas is a common method of sedation. It’s also called nitrous oxide. A mask is placed over your nose. The gas is turned on so that you can breathe it in while the dentist performs the procedure in your mouth. You will feel lightheaded and free of anxiety but won’t be asleep. When the dentist is finished, the nitrous oxide will be turned off and oxygen turned on so that the impacts of the laughing gas go away as quickly as possible. 

Another option to consider is a pill or liquid. This is sometimes given with nitrous oxide. You will usually be given a pill to take the night before the procedure and one to take the morning of the procedure. You’ll be awake, but your anxiety levels won’t be as high as they would if you didn’t take any kind of medication. IV sedation is usually reserved for those who have higher levels of anxiety or for those who are having a lot of dental work done at one time. Make sure the dentist has the proper certifications before any kind of sedation is offered. You should also ask about side effects and what you should expect when you get home.

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