Dental Implants Are One Thing You Can Do To Have A Perfect Smile Once More

As a way to restore lost teeth, many have turned to dental implants as a way to replace missing teeth. What most people do not realize is that it is not all that uncommon for people to have missing teeth. What is now considered to be normal, the National Institute of Health has provided the statistics that nearly 70 percent of adults over the age of 35 are missing teeth due to an accident or gum disease or even tooth decay. This goes to show that adults are more prone to having their teeth removed due to one cause or another. The one thing that you might not have considered when faced with losing teeth, dental implants. 

What Exactly Are Dental Implants? 

The implant is a post that has been surgically installed into the gums of a patient that will then have a replacement tooth installed onto. The implants are generally constructed from titanium or another form of a material that the human body is accepting to. There are several different ways for you to have an implant installed. The use of a single dental implant is one way or the patient could require multiple teeth to be implanted. Any dental implants anchorage dentists can help you to determine what form of implant you will require. 

Up until recently, the only form of replacement teeth has been in the form of dentures. The dentures would allow for people to eat and talk just as if they had not lost their teeth. The problem that most people find with dentures is that they can be quite uncomfortable for patients. The denture will sit on the gums of the patients and even though they are made to fit, the dentures can cause irritation and infections if not properly cared for. 

Dentures are one form of replacement teeth but if you are looking for something more long term and sturdier, the use of dental implants is one thing that you can do. The other problem that people discover with dentures is that the use of dentures will limit the types of foods that you can ingest. The use of dental implants will also leave the patient with a more natural smile than with the dentures. 

In order to have implants made, the patient will require an office visit to be performed. From there on, the patient will need to have x-rays done and then the dentist will look at the overall health of the patient’s gums. With that assessment, the dentist will determine what the best route of care is for the patient. 

For most dentists, they are going to have the implants done in multiple visits however there are some cases where the implants and attachments can be done all in one visit. Either way, you will want to make sure that you have fully understood what you would like to have done with your dental health and let the dentist know ahead of time so they can make sure that they know how many visits you are going to require and the overall cost of the implants.

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