Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

Because we live active lifestyles, it is very common for someone to lose an adult tooth before they reach their senior years. Most people look at a missing tooth as a simple cosmetic issue but it can lead to other problems down the road. Whether your tooth was lost by accident, or it needed to be pulled by the dentist, it is not advisable to leave the space open. Allowing the space to remain open can cause a misaligned bite leading to jaw pain. There are a lot of other dental problems that can develop later from dental shifting due to a missing tooth. If you are curious about whether single-tooth implants are for you, consult your dentist about any implant dentistry fort wayne in. When a tooth is removed, for any reason, you have several options available to hold that space open. The recommended method for holding the space open is a single-tooth dental implant but why is this so important? 

What Happens in Your Mouth after Losing a Tooth

We all relate to our teeth as a way to help us eat or speak. However, they serve many other purposes in our lives. The structure of teeth our teeth roots extend through our gums and into the bone. Once they are there, the tooth structure stimulates the bone. But what happens when the tooth is no longer in place? 

When the tooth has been removed, the bone is no longer stimulated. People who are missing more than one tooth, and have the bone weaken over time are at higher risk of developing the following: 

Deformities of the face

Gum disease and infections

Misalignment of teeth

Tooth decay

There are a lot of other conditions that can develop from allowing the tooth to remain missing and not getting something to hold the space open. However, not all of these conditions can be prevented with removable devices. While many people shy away from them, dental implants are one of the most popular treatments to replace a missing tooth. 

Structure of the Single Dental Implant

Dental implants are built under rigorous regulations to ensure they are safe and reliable. The base of the implant is a titanium rod. This rod is anchored to the jaw bone into the location of the missing tooth. Attached to his road is a small device known as a saddle, which is where the crown is attached. Each crown is designed to match the teeth around the implant. The implant is made to blend in with the natural teeth surrounding it. The titanium rod is anchored in a way that protects the bone and serves the same purpose the original tooth does by holding the space open. it will prevent other teeth from shifting and will prevent any facial deformity from developing. Single dental implants are a very popular option for people who are missing individual teeth. They ensure that the structure of the gum is preserved and that patients are not at risk for developing significant facial deformities or other oral health problems associated with missing teeth.

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